Matchweek 8 Predictions

On last week's podcast (Finding the Right Words), we did something new. We made match predictions for the upcoming Matchweek 8 in the Premier League.

This is a big deal. We proclaim that we get fantasy soccer 90% right, but how good are we when trying to predict wins, losses, and draws for each match?

This week, we all find out.

Here are the predictions, as heard on this week's podcast:

Chelsea v. Leicester: DAVID-Chelsea win; BRIAN-Chelsea win; SCOTT-draw.

Bournemouth v. Hull: ALL-Bournemouth win.

Arsenal v. Swansea: DAVID-Arsenal win; BRIAN-draw; SCOTT-Arsenal win.

Manchester City v. Everton: DAVID-draw; BRIAN-Everton win; SCOTT-City win.

Stoke v. Sunderland: DAVID-Stoke win; BRIAN-Stoke win; SCOTT-draw.

West Brom v. Spurs: DAVID-draw; BRIAN-Spurs win; SCOTT-Spurs win.

Crystal Palace v. West Ham: DAVID-Palace win; BRIAN: Palace win; SCOTT-draw.

Middlesbrough v. Watford: DAVID-Watford win; BRIAN-Watford win; SCOTT-draw.

Southampton v. Burnley: ALL-Southampton win.

Liverpool v. Manchester United: ALL-draw.