How to Pick Your Liverpool Midfielder for Fantasy Soccer

On last week's podcast, Dave highlighted the difficulty of picking the right Liverpool midfielder for fantasy soccer. Going into Matchweek 7, the LFC midfielder rankings were as follows:

  1. Phillippe Coutinho-41
  2. Adam Lallana-40
  3. James Milner-33
  4. Sadio Mane-29
  5. Robert Firmino-26

If you listened to our show, you might have thought that Dave made a lot of sense in picking Coutinho and Lallana and not playing Mane and Firmino.

Of course, then the match against Swansea started. Lallana goes off injured, and Firmino scores a goal and an assist. What's a fantasy soccer player to do?

Well, in light of the difficulty, here's our 12-step guide to picking the right Liverpool midfielder for fantasy soccer:

  1. Write all Liverpool midfielder names on slips of paper.
  2. Put slips of paper in a hat.
  3. Light hat on fire.
  4. Take hat and paper ashes to a witch doctor, voodoo priestess, or shaman of some kind.
  5. Tell that person what the ashes are and what was on paper.
  6. Ask them to "read" the ashes to see if they can "see" who the right pick is
  7. No, you know what? Screw it.
  8. Assign each midfielder a number, 1-5 or 6 or however many viable options there are since we've all lost count by now anyway.
  9. Find any stranger at random.
  10. Ask them to pick a number in the range you created.
  11. Listen to them. Or not. Who cares, all is vanity, life is toil, death awaits us all like a wolf at the door.
  12. There's always next week.