Loads of Limerick Fun

When last season ended, we wanted to keep the podcast going. To do that, we needed something to talk about. One of the things that I (Scott) decided to implement was an "unofficial, incomplete" club history segment. At the end of each unofficial, incomplete history, I included a limerick.

For those who didn't hear our summer series of podcasts, I thought I'd reproduce those limericks here. You won't get the full context unless you hear the club history that goes with them, so I have included the podcast dates in case you want to check them out. I hope you enjoy them!

I will sporadically include a limerick in podcasts throughout the season -- for instance, you can hear one in our 8/25 episode -- so continue to listen to our show to hear new ones!

Burnley (6/2 episode)

One of the clubs the Premier League inherits
Is Burnley, also known as the Clarets
For 134 years
Their fans have had plenty of tears
Let's hope that this upcoming season has its merits

Middlesbrough (6/8 episode)

The Boro is back and coming round
Concern exists; this squad is not so sound
They are back in the league
Their fans must have Championship fatigue
Methinks they'll prove what comes up must go back down

Hull City (6/14 episode)

Hull was out of the league last year, a pity
Their play quickly brought them back up, gritty
Their owner's a dunce
He hasn't gotten it right once
For supporters, there's no better word than City

Crystal Palace (6/23 episode)

The joke's that South London has no readers
Their best football club is mostly bottom feeders
The Eagles might be bad
Zaha is the best that they had
Don't forget about those weird Crystal cheerleaders

Sunderland (6/29 episode)

The Cats' struggle to stay up make them reachers
Defoe and van Aanholt are their features
You've gotta love Big Sam
Who needs to lay off the ham
If they want to stay up, bring back the teachers!

Bournemouth (7/7 episode)

Despite being new, these boys are no fairies
It's tempting to think this team only Eddie Howe carries
Their trophy count is zero
But Charlie Daniels is our hero
Say it with me loud and proud, America: Up the Cherries!

Watford (7/13 episode)

No club should be like Watford with that ugly yellow kit
It's quite a bit unseemly when your owner throws a fit
They fired Quique Flores
Who had flair and big cojones
Something about these Hornets smells like (insert squeaky toy sound effect)

West Brom (7/20 episode)

Something needs to happen to get this club scoring
Don't leave it to Tony Pulis to get the crowd roaring
They play in the Country Black
With a baggie holding a money sack
West Bromwich Albion is so boring