05/03/2017 Podcast: We Need a Break

This week, the boys start their sprint to the FPL season's finish line. All conventional wisdom has been thrown out of the window. Which clubs should you entirely avoid buying from? Which player might make Scott violate his "FPL principles?" Why are they entirely bailing now on Lukaku but not Everton's defenders? Find out these answers and more on this week's show!

Show order:

  • Injury Roundup
  • Everton 0-3 Chelsea
  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal
  • Watford 0-1 Liverpool
  • Middlesbrough 2-2 Liverpool
  • Man United 1-1 Swansea
  • Crystal Palace 0-2 Burnley
  • Southampton 0-0 Hull
  • Stoke 0-0 West Ham
  • Sunderland 0-1 Bournemouth
  • West Brom 0-1 Leicester